What We Play

Halo Infinite / Halo: The Master Chief Collection

ABYS originally started as a Halo clan, and has continued to evolve over time. Our community was formed when Halo: The Master Chief Collection was ported to PC, and we started reaching out to others interested in playing on the PC platform. Over time, growing interest in getting together for games lead to the establishment of our first weekly "Meet Up" for Halo matchmaking and custom games.

Years later, we still get together every week for our dedicated Halo Meet Up. We've had players from all over the world join us for games and comradery, and are grateful for the opportunity to meet new people every week.

Our community also picks up games of Halo throughout the week, so it's always easy to find someone to squad with!

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is the second franchise that we've put a great deal of effort into developing our member count in. We really like the competitive nature of this shooter and a lot of our members who play Halo also play Apex Legends. If you play Apex Legends and would like to help us grow, please consider joining us for some games!

Other Games

More games that we want to grow our member bases in